“Standard” IVF program

The program contains the optimal set of services for the IVF cycle. It guarantees maximum efficiency and is suitable for women with a good follicular reserve, whose age is up to 37 years.

The program includes: 

  • Ultrasonic and hormonal monitoring
  • Ovarian puncture with anesthesia
  • ICSI fertilization
  • Cultivation of embryos (up to 3 days)
  • Cultivation of embryos to the blastocyst stage
  • Transfer of embryos into the uterine cavity
  • Diagnosis of pregnancy

The package has a special price for services, which allows you to get a result with minimal financial costs.
* The cost of medicines needed to stimulate the ovaries is not included in the program.

Your first step to surrogacy!

  • Loving care
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Transparency and openness
  • Innovative technologies
  • High efficiency

29 October 2019