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Some women do not have the opportunity to use their eggs, in which case donor cells can be used. Grounding on the year-long experience at the LITA clinic, we offer you the Oocyte Donation program.

Indications for the use of donor eggs:

  • Menopause
  • Lack of ovaries
  • Poor egg
  • Genetic diseases
  • Failed IVF Attempts
  • Multiple Miscarriages
  • Oncological diseases

The donation program is completely safe and anonymous. Donors are young women who undergo a complete medical, genetic and psychological diagnosis, screening for infectious diseases. Therefore, we guarantee high quality cells. Donor eggs can be fertilized with the sperm of a husband or donor.

Who can become an egg donor:

  • A woman of pleasant appearance, aged 18 to 29 years, who has her own healthy child and wants to help other women become a mother.
  • No bad habits
  • No genetic diseases
  • Good somatic and mental health

Egg donation procedure

In our country, the number of infertile couples is growing. Increasingly, couples are forced to seek help from doctors. A large number of women who cannot get pregnant have no eggs in their ovaries or they are of too low quality. In such situations, these are the donor eggs (oocytes) that will help to successfully conceive a baby, bear and give birth to it.

Egg donation is an effective treatment for infertility. It implies the voluntary transfer of their oocytes (germ cells) to a woman who for some reason cannot have children. Having decided to become a donor, you commit an important act and give someone the joy of motherhood, which would not have been possible under other circumstances. We offer you to become a donor in Kiev. If you want to sell your egg to a childless couple to help them feel the happiness of motherhood and fatherhood, then feel free to contact the LITA Reproductive Medicine Clinic. We have extensive experience in conducting donor programs, which makes the procedure as effective and safe as possible for the donor and the expectant mother.

Ovum collection: who needs donor cells?

The absence of eggs in a woman can occur after an early menopause, removal of the ovaries. A donor is also needed if a woman who wants to become pregnant has a genetic disease that is inherited.

As a rule, donor eggs allow you to conceive a child much faster. Egg collection is a very responsible process. Not every woman can become a donor, because a donor faces high demands, since the health of the unborn child depends on them in many respects. A potential donor should be suitable not only for medical parameters, but also for age (from 18 to 35 years). She should not have chronic, gynecological and genetic diseases. In addition, she must have at least one healthy child. Another most important condition is the absence of a history of heart defects. You can’t become a donor if you have had operations or serious illnesses, and also have bad habits.  

The donor must undergo a full medical genetic examination. The whole organism is checked for the absence of infections, diseases, hormonal disruptions, etc. If you want to become a potential donor and make sure that you fully meet the requirements, then you may contact the LITA Reproductive Medicine Clinic and make an appointment with the doctor. A specialist will conduct a thorough examination of the body to make sure that a woman can become a donor of healthy eggs. At the initial examination, the blood group and Rh factor are determined, a comprehensive examination is performed, fluorography is done, various tests are performed (urine, blood, etc.), an ECG is performed, a cervical smear is taken, etc. The examination is completely carried out at the expense of the clinic.

If the woman is healthy and there are no contraindications, then proceed to the second stage, which is ovarian stimulation. It is necessary to cause ovulation in a potential donor. Ovulation is needed for the largest number of full-fledged eggs suitable for fertilization in the course of one menstrual cycle. A woman will need to take a special drug that helps stimulate the ovaries. The main objective of this course is to cause the maturation of several eggs at once in one cycle. This increases the chances of a successful conception of the baby. A female donor is injected with a hormone for the final maturation of oocytes. Egg donation is similar to other donor programs, such as blood donation and so on.

Oocyte collection: why is it worth contacting our clinic?

Oocyte collection (or else called egg collection) does not cause any pain. In the process of conducting examinations and preparing for egg donation, the donor can lead a normal life, because the examination does not take much time.

It is worth noting that the hormonal drugs or medications that a woman donor takes are absolutely safe for her health. They do not cause any mustache growing, or figure and body shape spoiling, or menstruation disappearing, etc. On the contrary, the introduction of female hormones into the body improves health and appearance. However, the most important thing in this matter is that your donor egg will allow a childless couple to finally become happy parents and give birth to a healthy baby.

There are several reasons to contact the LITA clinic:

  •         Extensive experience in the treatment of infertility in Ukraine.
  •         High-class gynecologists and reproductologists.
  •         Complete data privacy.
  •         Individual approach to each client.

We are ready to answer all your questions and provide additional information today. If you are a potential oocyte donor, you can contact the LITA Reproductive Medicine Clinic. The donor is both getting a careful doctor examination and a decent reward. Help another family learn the joy of parenting!

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