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During the diagnosis of the causes of infertility, our clinic offers an examination by a gynecologist for comprehensive treatment of diseases that prevent pregnancy. It is equally important to be under the supervision of a gynecologist for expectant mothers, since the state of women’s health depends on the course of pregnancy and childbirth.

It is possible to undergo diagnostics of women’s health, make the necessary laboratory-instrumental examination, and get professional consultation and qualified help at LITA clinic. 

Female gynecology: complex diagnosis

Women’s health is fragile, therefore it is very important to carefully treat it and pay sufficient attention to one’s body. Despite the fact that modern medicine does not stand still, the level of gynecological diseases is increasing every year. This is influenced by many factors: poor ecology, frequent stresses, poor nutrition, serious physical exertion, heredity, infections, etc. A disappointing fact indicates that many gynecological diseases have become ‘younger’ over the past few years.

It is important to remember that the main objective of gynecology is to prolong the reproductive age, prevent the development of gynecological diseases and improve the quality of intimate life in women. That is why it is necessary to visit a doctor not only when any complaints appear, but also for preventive purposes. Unfortunately, not every girl / woman regularly visits a gynecologist. Some believe that a woman needs to visit a gynecologist only if she has health problems or she is pregnant.

As practice shows, it is at preventive examinations that a woman learns about serious problems with her female health. As a result, the risk of too late diagnosis of ‘female’ diseases increases, which leads to the irreversibility of their cure. That is why you need to come to a scheduled consultation with a gynecologist once every 6 months (the dynamics depend on the age and state of the woman’s health). Absolutely all women (starting from adolescence) need such methods since they are necessary to solve the following problems:

  • prevention of serious diseases that might hinder the onset of pregnancy and child bearing;
  • prevention of the development of inflammatory processes;
  • treatment of hormonal disruptions;
  • search for causes of infertility;
  • prevention of neoplasms, correction of hormonal disruptions, etc.

Depending on the identified pathologies of the reproductive system, the doctor may prescribe minimally invasive surgical procedures or physiotherapy. It is very important to follow the doctor’s recommendations and not to postpone treatment for later. An experienced specialist will be able to provide qualified assistance in the diagnosis, therapy and prevention of pathologies of the female reproductive system.

Gynecology in Kyiv: the guarantee of quality treatment

With age, various changes occur in a woman’s body, including hormonal ones. They can cause the development of gynecological diseases, many of which can occur without symptoms, without even creating physical discomfort, and advanced pathologies are difficult to treat, posing a serious threat to the entire body. According to statistics, every 10 out of 100 women who have not had complaints find deviations from the norm. It is worth noting that in women who previously had inflammatory diseases, the risk of their recurrence increases.

In which cases you need to visit a gynecologist unscheduled:

  • pain in the lower abdomen;
  • uncharacteristic vaginal discharge;
  • severe pain during menstruation;
  • bloody vaginal discharge between periods;
  • discomfort in the intimate area;
  • discomfort during intercourse;
  • burning sensation during urination;
  • irregular menstrual cycle;
  • rashes on the genitals;
  • appearance of any neoplasm in the genital area, etc.

If you have at least one of the above symptoms, then this indicates that not everything is in order with your female body. Diseases, inflammatory and infectious processes, which may be at the stage of exacerbation, need urgent medical attention. In gynecology, they will be able to establish an accurate diagnosis and prescribe a course of treatment. A medical examination on the gynecological chair will reveal erosion of the cervix, ovarian pathology, the inflammatory process of the vaginal mucosa, external genitalia, fallopian tubes and other diseases.

If you are looking for the best gynecology in Kiev – Kyiv, then contact us. An attentive and individual approach, an objective diagnosis and a correctly selected course of treatment are guaranteed here, as evidenced by the numerous grateful reviews and feedbacks of our patients.

We use the most advanced technological capabilities for the diagnosis and treatment of female diseases. Many years of successful practice in the field of assisted reproductive techniques speak for themselves: even infertility can be cured today with proper treatment, and our specialists know how to do it.

Clinic LITA Clinic – the best gynecology in Kiev

LITA reproductive medicine clinic conducts various diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive measures in Kiev. It uses innovative methods of complex diagnostics, thanks to which it is possible to determine not only the disease, but also the stage, nature and mechanism of development of pathologies. This will avoid all kinds of negative consequences of gynecological diseases.

LITA Reproductive Medicine Clinic offers its patients:

  • complex treatment of diseases that prevent pregnancy;
  • laboratory and instrumental examination;
  • professional advice from the best gynecologists.

Our clinic is chosen by those who want to know the joy of motherhood and maintain their health for many years. We use the best medical technologies and use modern equipment. Our gynecology employs highly qualified doctors who strive to provide high-quality services, sincerely ensuring that each patient’s dream of pregnancy and the birth of a healthy baby soon becomes a reality.

Our gynecology will help a married couple in the planning, conception, gestation and birth of a baby. We have a responsive, attentive and experienced staff. Our gynecologists of the highest category are constantly improving their knowledge and professional skills. They always work to improve their own qualifications, quality and safety of services. During the reception, the doctor will carefully listen to your complaints, conduct a thorough examination and gynecological examination. After that, the doctor will be able to identify dysfunctions of the reproductive system of the patient, latent chronic infections, the inability to have children, as well as life-threatening conditions. The gynecologist will choose an effective method of treatment.

In gynecology, modern methods of assisted reproduction are used, which ensure the onset of pregnancy in almost any form of female and male infertility. We provide any gynecological care in conditions of increased comfort and take care of the health of each patient.

Hurry up to make an appointment with our gynecology as soon as possible. There is no need to hope that the problem will be resolved by itself and do not self-medicate. Remember that a timely diagnosed disease increases the chances of recovery, the possibility of rapid conception and successful bearing of the fetus.

Gynecology: Caring for Women’s Health

Over the years of its many years of practice, our clinic professionally solves reproductive health problems efficiently and as quickly as possible.

Contact us because we:

  • develop individual treatment;
  • make correct diagnoses;
  • perform treatment with the highest results.

Recognizing the value of women’s health, we create all conditions for the provision of effective medical care in Kiev – Kyiv. In our gynecology, we set high standards of service quality, reasonable prices, and innovative medical equipment. You can always get an accurate assessment of your health in the shortest possible time.

Remember that regular visits to the gynecologist are the key to your female health for many years. Make an appointment with a qualified gynecologist in Kiev today. Do not waste your precious time!

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