Male Infertility Treatment at LITA Clinic

Male Infertility Treatment

In 45% – 50% of cases, the couple cannot become pregnant because of male infertility. As a rule, it is easier to make a diagnosis of reproductive health in men than women. Therefore, it is important, in case of non-pregnancy during the year, not to waste time, but to undergo an examination in order to begin treatment as soon as possible.

The main reason for male infertility is the low quality of sperm, which is affected by infectious diseases, injuries, bad habits, poor nutrition, stress, tight clothes, difficult working conditions and a sedentary lifestyle. To determine the causes of infertility, a number of high-quality diagnostic studies and analyzes are needed. But first, the doctor will suggest making a spermogram that provides information about genetic and endocrine disorders, the presence of immune, infectious diseases and other pathologies.

It is rarely said that the cause of infertility in men can be associated with the functioning of the immune system, which can attack its germ cells. Immune infertility can be diagnosed using special tests. It is known that stress can be one of the factors affecting fertility.

Scientific studies have confirmed that under the influence of stress in the body of a man, an accumulation of cortisol (the so-called stress hormone) occurs, which blocks the secretion of testosterone, the key male hormone responsible for fertility.

Depending on the result of the diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe an individual treatment for male infertility in Kiev. If the cause is a hormonal disorder, which leads to a decrease in the number and motility of sperm, treatment with hormone therapy is suggested. Surgical interventions are needed to diagnose diseases such as varicocele, spermatocele, cryptorchidism, and inguinal-scrotal hernia. In turn, bacterial infections of the genitourinary system are treated with antibiotics.

In severe forms of infertility, when it is not possible to obtain your own high-quality sperm, it is possible to use the sperm of a donor, that is of a person who is examined, genetically and physically healthy.

LITA Clinic offers assisted reproductive technology, which includes in vitro manipulation of human oocytes, sperm, and embryos to achieve pregnancy.

It has been proven that sperm quality is improved by outdoor activities, a low-fat diet rich in fruits and vegetables, vitamins A, C, E and zinc. But, do not self-medicate, while you can provide modern treatment for male infertility in Ukraine in the clinic LITA. Our doctors have many years of experience in this matter. The main thing is the timely appeal to specialists.

Male infertility is successfully treated!

The journey to parenthood begins with the first step!

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Male Infertility Treatment is Effective and Resultant

You met your beloved man, created a family with him and really dream about joint children, but numerous attempts to conceive a baby still have not brought results? Usually, when pregnancy does not occur, it is the woman who starts running around the doctors to take tests. However, according to statistics, in 50% of cases, a couple cannot become pregnant due to male infertility. Currently, the diagnosis of ‘male infertility’ is being made more and more often and every year the number of infertile couples is increasing. The sad fact is that in recent years the number of infertile men has been growing more than even 10-20 years ago.

If you don’t hear children’s laughter in your house, don’t despair, panic and label yourself as infertile, because modern medicine has stepped far ahead and today it offers effective methods of treating both male and female infertility. The main thing is not to lose hope and turn to qualified doctors in time.

Male Infertility Treatment – Trust the Professionals!

Attention! Infertility treatment should only be done in trusted clinics and medical centers, where not only gynecologists and urologists, but reproductologists, genetics, andrologists, that is, professionals who specialize in the reproductive health of women and men, will be engaged in treating the sterile couple.

“LITA” reproductive medicine clinic offers the best methods of treating infertility in men and gives hope to find the happiness of parenthood. Experienced gynecologists and reproductologists work here. Specialists will offer high-quality treatment for infertility in men to restore the natural ability to conceive.

What you need to know about male infertility

Male infertility is a pathological condition of impaired reproductive function. Such a diagnosis is associated with any disease or abnormal malfunction in the body. However, in most cases, infertility is not a sentence, but only a temporary inability to conceive a baby.

Infertility in men is typed as:

  •       Primary – when a man cannot conceive a child and before that none of his partners could get pregnant from him.
  •       Secondary – when a man’s reproductive function fades away. Secondary infertility is put if the man already has his own children.

Both in case of primary and secondary infertility, first of all, you need to determine the cause that led to this. The most common among them are:

  •       inflammatory and infectious diseases of the reproductive system;
  •       chronic intoxication or radiation;
  •       genetic abnormalities;
  •       efferent ducts (or ductuli efferentes) obstruction;
  •       expansion of venous vessels in the scrotum;
  •       hormonal disorders;
  •       gene mutations.

In addition to primary and secondary male infertility, they also distinguish between combined (combined with female infertility) and idiopathic (unexplained or infertility of unknown origin).

It is worth noting that the reasons for the inability to conceive a child can be hidden in frequent stresses, chronic fatigue, injuries, any diseases, surgical interventions, environmental factors, etc. It is very important that the man is ready to undergo a full examination of the body, otherwise there will be no positive result and the problem itself will not be solved.

Accurate and timely diagnosis as the key to success

Diagnosis of male infertility should be carried out by an experienced doctor. First you need a consultation with a reproductologist and andrologist-urologist.

The information obtained after a comprehensive diagnosis allows the doctor to determine what further examinations are necessary and what treatment will be appropriate for a particular case.

Laboratory diagnosis of infertility in men is a mandatory procedure that gives an idea of the work of the male reproductive system. One of the first analyzes is a detailed spermogram. Semen analysis can help identify malfunctioning reproductive health or the presence of a pathology. Diagnosis is not limited to only a spermogram, men often take a smear from the urethra and make sperm back-sowing. This is necessary in order to find out if there are any sexually transmitted infections that prevent pregnancy.

Specialists at the LITA Reproductive Medicine Clinic have many ways to identify male infertility. The doctors may prescribe additional examinations of various organs and systems to obtain detailed information, depending on the pathologies identified.

Treatment of male infertility of all forms and types

In male infertility, both surgical and conservative methods of treatment can be used. Auxiliary reproductive technologies such as IVF, artificial insemination and other advanced techniques are also often used. With a professional approach, and if correctly diagnosed, the problem of infertility is successfully solved.

Our doctors will be able to identify the main cause of male infertility, choose the optimal treatment plan. They will offer an optimal treatment regimen that will lead to a positive outcome in the shortest possible time.

Self-treatment for male infertility is a taboo!

It is foolish to begin treating infertility yourself without medical attention and examination. Remember that uncontrolled administration of any medicines and without first consulting your doctor is unacceptable. You can both lose your precious time and waste your money. Only qualified doctors can prescribe any medicines for the treatment of infertility, as well as therapeutic procedures.

Do not delay your visit to your doctor. The sooner you start the examination and treatment, the sooner you will have the happiness of becoming a father.

Treatment of infertility in men at LITA clinic

Why shall you come to our clinic? This is obvious! We’ve got:

  •       modern methods of treatment of male infertility;
  •       qualified staff with many years of experience;
  •       the best equipment of the new generation;
  •       a large list of services for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility in men;
  •       an individual approach to each patient.

We promise our patients a guarantee of results, comprehensive medical care and high treatment efficiency.

The “LITA” reproductive medicine clinic has everything necessary for the fight against male infertility and is ready to provide highly professional medical care to each patient. All examinations and diagnostics are carried out qualitatively and at the highest level. Our specialists successfully treat even the most severe pathologies of the male reproductive system.

Contact the “LITA” clinic, where, having gone through all the stages of infertility treatment step by step, you will come closer to your most cherished dream!

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