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VF with donor oocytes: when is it necessary?

9 September 2021

Not all women are able to get pregnant naturally. Most often this happens due to the presence of gynecological diseases and age. In this case, they can take part in the IVF program with donor eggs (oocytes). 

IVF program with donor oocytes: features

IVF program with donor eggs is indicated for women in several cases:

  • if it is impossible to get your own oocytes;
  • if the eggs are of poor quality;
  • if there is premature menopause;
  • if there are no ovaries or they have structural abnormalities;
  • there were multiple miscarriages;
  • unsuccessful IVF attempts
  • if there are genetic and oncological diseases of the disease.

Oocyte donors can be direct relatives of a woman or donors of the Oocyte Bank. The oocyte bank consists of biological materials obtained from completely healthy donors. They undergo complete medical, genetic and psychological diagnostics, examination for infectious diseases.

IVF with donor oocytes – a chance to become a mother!

As statistics show, the need for donor eggs is increasing over the years. This is due to the fact that women are now postponing the birth of their first child to a later age, when the ovarian reserve has already been reduced.

The use of donor eggs helps a woman who, for whatever reason, cannot conceive a child naturally, feel the happiness of motherhood and give birth to a healthy child. During the in vitro fertilization procedure, an embryo is implanted into the patient’s uterus, which was obtained from the fertilization of a donor egg. 

The quality of oocytes is the main factor in the success of IVF with donor eggs. The IVF program with donor oocytes guarantees high chances of pregnancy, since all donors have undergone a thorough examination and are at the peak of their reproductive health. 

Where can IVF be done with donor oocytes in Ukraine?

The clinic for reproductive medicine “LITA” has the best IVF programs using donor eggs. Highly qualified doctors work here, who use modern scientific technologies in the field of egg donation and always take into account the individual characteristics of the patient. An integrated approach to IVF with donor eggs allows the LITA clinic to carry out the procedure with high efficiency.