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“Fertility Preservation” Program

Everyone knows that with age, a woman’s chances of getting pregnant decrease. As a rule, reproductologists recommend planning a pregnancy up to 35 years old when the chances are highest. But, for various reasons, not all women at this age are ready to become a mother.

The success of the IVF cycle directly depends on the age at which the eggs were obtained. The patient’s age at the time of embryo transfer has a minimal effect on the result. This means that if we received the woman’s eggs at the age of 30, and we transfer her embryos from these oocytes at 45, the effectiveness of this cycle will correspond to patients of 30 years. Therefore, we offer our patients the opportunity to receive and freeze their eggs at a young age. Storage will be carried out in our cryo-bank. The duration of oocyte storage does not affect their quality or the success of the program.

This program is also offered to patients with oncology. Today, the level of medicine allows you to “defeat” many types of cancer, the survival rate of patients is quite high. Therefore, before irradiation or before a course of chemotherapy, with the permission of oncologists, we stimulate the ovaries in order to get the eggs, then we freeze them, or, if we have a partner, we fertilize and freeze ready-made embryos.

After the treatment and recovery, with the permission of the oncologist (expert opinion on deregistration), we can use previously obtained oocytes or embryos. This practice is widely used throughout the world.

The program includes the following services:

  • Ultrasonic and hormonal monitoring
  • Ovarian nyxis with anesthesia
  • Freezing oocytes
  • Storage of frozen oocytes for 12 months

*The cost of medicines needed to stimulate the ovaries is not included in the program.

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29 October 2019