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“Double Asynchronous Transfer of Vitrified Embryos” Program

This program is recommended for patients who have had two or more unsuccessful transfer of embryos, in which their implantation did not occur.

With standard preparation, the transfer of vitrified (frozen) embryos is performed on day 6 or 7 from the start of progesterone administration. This classic protocol makes it more likely to get into the most favorable conditions for the development of the inner layer of the uterus, when the endometrium is receptive to the embryo (able to accept). This endometrial receptivity is called the “Implant Window”. But, in some patients, the “Implant window” may shift. In this case, the embryo, ready for implantation, enters the uterine cavity at the moment when the endometrium is not yet ready to accept it. This leads to the fact that pregnancy does not occur.

With double asynchronous transfer of embryos, we transfer the first embryo on day 6 and the second on day 8 of taking progesterone, thereby increasing the chances of the embryo getting into the “Implant window”. In this case, the option of implanting two embryos is preserved, as statistics show: the frequency of multiple pregnancy (twins) is 10-15%.

The developed program allows increasing the chances of getting pregnant up to 75%.

Services included in this program:

  • Ultrasonic and hormonal monitoring – 1
  • Defrosting and culturing embryos – 2
  • Auxiliary hatching – 2
  • Transfer of embryos into the uterine cavity – 2
  • Diagnosis of pregnancy – 1

* The cost of medicines needed to prepare the endometrium for embryo transfer is not included in the program.

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30 October 2019