Pathology of the cervix uteri - treatment at the LITA clinic

Treatment for pathology of the cervix uteri

The cervix plays an important role in protecting the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries from infections. A very important task that the cervix performs is the production of mucus, which protects against bacterial flora. The second important function of the cervix is pregnancy, gestation and childbirth. It is the cervical canal that allows sperm to get from the vagina to the uterus. And already during pregnancy, the neck prevents premature birth.

Cervical disease is one of the most common pathologies in women of different ages, which can be divided into:

  • Inflammatory diseases
  • Erosion and pseudo-erosion, polyps, condylomas
  • Dysplasia (precancerous cervical disease)
  • Cervical cancer

The cause of such pathologies may be:

  • Hormonal disorders
  • Injuries
  • Infectious diseases
  • Viral diseases, including human papillomavirus (HPV)
  • Weak immune system

To diagnose the condition of the cervix one uses:

  • Vaginal examination
  • Urogenital swab to assess microflora and the presence of pathological bacteria
  • Cytology smear for assessing the status of the epithelium
  • Colposcopy

Many women are frivolous about diseases such as erosion, inflammatory processes, but with untimely treatment they can go into a state of dysplasia, which is already a precancerous pathology. Unfortunately, some diseases can develop asymptomatically. Therefore, women who already have a history of these diseases are advised to visit a gynecologist every 6 months for observation and timely treatment.

In the LITA clinic, gynecologists have many years of experience in the treatment of cervical pathologies. After the diagnosis on the new equipment, you will receive information about the state of your female health, and individual treatment if necessary. Do not hesitate, make an appointment.

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Treatment of cervical pathology in Kiev

Cervical pathology (pathology of the cervix) is a common malfunction of the reproductive system of women of any age. This gynecological disease can be detected on a routine gynecological examination and after an ultrasound. This diagnosis needs urgent treatment, so you should make an appointment with a gynecologist as soon as possible. It is extremely important to choose the right method of treating cervical pathology, and for this you should find a highly qualified specialist.

Cervical cancer takes the third place among other types of malignant neoplasms of the female reproductive system. Dysplasia, polyps, ectopia, hyperplasia or leukoplakia, and other cervical diseases are found even in young girls and women. Diseases of the cervix are a great threat to female reproductive function and health in general. They can lead to infertility and malfunctioning of the body. Timely visit to a doctor and high-quality treatment of cervical pathology at the LITA Reproductive Medicine Clinic in Kiev will help avoiding further development of the pathology and preserve women’s health. After contacting us, we will select an individual plan for the treatment of gynecological diseases and guarantee your speedy recovery, preservation of the reproductive functions of the body, as well as your return to a full-fledged lifestyle.

Treatment of cervical pathology – high-quality and safe

Every year, the number of women with cervical pathology increases. Thousands of women around the world face this diagnosis. Some are in no hurry to visit a doctor, and in the meantime, the pathology progresses and can develop into malignant neoplasms, and even lead to death. That is why it is worth regarding the prevention and treatment of gynecological diseases seriously and responsibly.

Among the common diseases of the cervix, it is worth highlighting the following:

  • inflammatory processes of varying degrees of complexity of the female reproductive system;
  • background pathology of the cervix;
  • cervical dysplasia or precancerous disease types.

It is worth highlighting 3 main types of cervical pathologies:

  1. Background diseases (ectopia, polyps, leukoplakia).
  2. Precancerous (different types of cervical dysplasia).
  3. Cancers (have a similar pathogenesis and etiology with precancerous diseases).

Causes of cervical pathology

  • hormonal changes;
  • difficult birth;
  • abortion;
  • infectious and viral diseases of the vagina and cervix;
  • smoking;
  • genetic disorders.

Pathology of the cervix (cervical pathology) can occur due to various factors. The main causative agent of this disease is cervical leukoplakia (human papillomavirus). Such a virus is transmitted sexually. It is worth noting that the infection may not make itself felt for a long period of time, develop secretly and appear after disorders in the body’s immune system. Unhealthy lifestyles also strongly affect the reproductive function of women and can cause various diseases of the cervix.

It is highly unlikely that a woman diagnoses a cervical pathology on her own. This can only be done by a gynecologist, since this disease may not have pronounced symptoms. Therefore, a disease of the cervix can develop over several years and can be detected already in a neglected state.

In some cases, the presence of the pathology of cervix entails the following symptoms: slight vaginal discharge, burning, light pulling pains in the lower abdomen, lower back and sacrum during the periods, but one may not place any emphasis on this.

Pathologies of the cervix are also found during pregnancy. In this case, it is important to be regularly monitored by a gynecologist who will help coping with this disease so that the woman can bear and give birth to a healthy child without complications.

Many people wonder how to prevent the development of a cervical disease in time. The answer is obvious: it is necessary to regularly undergo an examination in the gynecological office for prevention. You need to visit a gynecologist once every six months, only then you will maintain your health and protect yourself from a dangerous disease.

Diagnosis and treatment of cervical pathology in the clinic “LITA”

Cervical diseases are both congenital and acquired. Treatment of cervical pathology is possible only after identifying the cause and type of disease. A gynecologist will prescribe a full examination of the patient’s body and select the best way to treat the disease. Fulfillment of all doctor’s recommendations will help a woman overcome the disease without harming her health.

The diagnosis of cervical pathology encompasses extended colposcopy, cytogram, and biopsy.

The main features of the treatment of cervical pathology in the clinic of reproductive medicine “LITA”:

  •         complex treatment of cervical diseases;
  •         guarantee of prompt and high-quality treatment;
  •         modern medical equipment;
  •         advanced diagnostic techniques;
  •         an individual approach to each patient;
  •         information support of specialists.

We have competent gynecologists with rich experience who successfully apply methods of treating pathological conditions of the cervix. They will be able to identify cervical diseases and develop the most effective treatment package that promotes a speedy recovery. Our patients are women of any age.

We’ve got a wide range of the latest medical equipment that helps us identify diseases of the cervix, even in the early stages. Gynecologists will be able to conduct all the necessary studies that are needed for effective and safe treatment. Each patient will be fully informed about the progress of medical diagnostic processes.

The main task of our clinic is to provide quality medical services. We aim to maintain and restore women’s health, as well as to prevent the development of serious diseases and complications that may affect the ability to have children. We recommend that women of any age regularly visit a gynecologist and, if any pathology of cervix is detected, in no case shall they postpone treatment in Kiev.

Take care of your health in advance and remember that the lack of treatment for gynecological diseases can cause the development of neoplasms of both benign and malignant nature. Right now you can make an appointment with a gynecologist at our clinic in just a couple of minutes.

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