Management of pregnancy at LITA Clinic

Pregnancy management

LITA Clinic offers pregnancy management in Kiev under the strict supervision of highly qualified specialists. Entrust your long-awaited pregnancy to experts with extensive experience. We value your and your baby’s health.

LITA Clinic offers several pregnancy management programs that the doctor selects individually, depending on the gestational age (trimester) and other features. Caring observations, modern diagnostics and many years of experience of specialists will ensure good health of you and your unborn child.

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Your and your baby’s health is in safe hands!

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Management of Pregnancy: comfort and care during these 9 months

Pregnancy is a wonderful and, at the same time, a very responsible and exciting period. Awareness of a new nascent life gives a feeling of true happiness. During the period of carrying a baby, a woman begins a completely new stage in her life. The child’s health also depends on how wisely and carefully she will care about her health. Close attention to one’s physical and psychological condition during the period of pregnancy is the main task of the future mother.

Woman can dramatically change her desires, tastes, psychological and emotional state during all these 9 months of pregnancy. Emerging changes in the female body are aimed at bearing the fetus. As a rule, they do not pass without leaving a trace on her health; therefore, a pregnant woman is quite vulnerable to various internal and external factors during this period. Doctors at the LITA Reproductive Medicine Clinic are ready to take on a large share of care for the condition of the expectant mother.

Here are some interesting pregnancy facts:

  • Many pregnant women are concerned about the registration term. The sooner the expectant mother gets registered for pregnancy, the better. The optimal period is from 5 to 10 weeks. That is, from this period, pregnancy management begins, which involves a periodic visit to the gynecologist and all the necessary examinations. The specialist will be able to get the most complete picture of the course of the patient’s pregnancy from its earliest dates.  
  • After an ultrasound, a specialist will confirm that the pregnancy is uterine and the fetus is all right. The future woman in labor will be given recommendations regarding nutrition and a small adjustment in lifestyle.
  • The first trimester is especially serious and important in the life of the baby. During this period, all the internal organs and systems of the child are laid. That is why the lifestyle, nutrition, and daily routine of a pregnant woman largely affect the formation of the baby’s body.
  • The first prenatal screening is usually done at 10-12 weeks. It helps eliminating possible genetic abnormalities in the fetus and verifying the correctness of the anatomical development.

LITA Clinic: pregnancy management in Kyiv city

The birth of a new life is always associated with worries, troubles and worries. During the period of bearing a child, one would especially not want to spend any time, strength and nerves for long lines in antenatal clinics and medical laboratories, since this can negatively affect the mother’s condition and that of her future baby. Therefore, LITA Reproductive Medicine Clinic is waiting for pregnant women who want to take advantage of the pregnancy management program. All examinations and receptions of patients are carried out according to an individual schedule, without waiting and queues.

Pregnancy management at the LITA Clinic is a whole complex of diagnostic, therapeutic and preventive measures aimed at the safe course of pregnancy. A set of tests, procedures and examinations are needed so that a completely healthy baby is born, and in the process of bearing the fetus, the woman does not have any health problems. With us, a pregnant woman will be able to spend her happy time without having any worries or concerns about herself and the health of her child.

Throughout the entire period of bearing a child, a woman should often take various tests, undergo an ultrasound scan on time and follow the recommendations of a gynecologist. It is only under the control of a highly qualified specialist that she may be positive that her baby in the womb is growing and developing correctly. That is why it is worth paying special attention to the choice of an obstetrician-gynecologist. The physician must ensure the future mother bears her baby safely, has a normal labor, as well as gives a birth to a completely healthy child. For this, it is important to conduct timely diagnostic measures. Of course, much depends on the woman herself, so you need to relax more, eat right, often go for walks and breathe fresh air.

LITA clinic offers professional pregnancy management throughout the entire period, which includes consultations of a personal gynecologist, all the necessary tests, ultrasound based on our own laboratory. We will provide full control over the development of the fetus and professional diagnosis of possible abnormalities, as well as monitoring the health of the future mother. We have accumulated many years of experience in observing pregnancy, so you can safely trust us. With us, your expectation of a baby will go without complications, and the childbirth will be as calm and comfortable as possible.

During the first visit to our clinic, you will meet your personal gynecologist and discuss your feelings and worries with him. In the early stages of pregnancy, a professional will be able to identify any deviations from a normal pregnancy and prescribe an effective therapeutic treatment.

At the consultation, a gynecologist will conduct an examination of the expectant mother and collect an anamnesis. He will determine the gestational age, prescribe a laboratory examination, ultrasound and books a visit to the necessary highly specialized doctor. The patient receives detailed information on the results of the examinations at each visit to the specialist.

Pregnancy management in the clinic of reproductive medicine means:


  • comprehensive monitoring of a pregnant woman’s health and her unborn child;
  • individual approach and caring attitude at all stages of pregnancy;
  • successful application of all the possibilities of modern diagnostics and methods of pregnant management;
  • the possibility of managing a complicated pregnancy;
  • maximum comfort and convenience in the clinic;
  • the opportunity to make the necessary examinations and consultations in one place.

Our experienced gynecologists will provide competent and professional pregnancy support, as well as help to avoid negative and difficult situations. They guarantee high-quality diagnosis and treatment of all possible pregnancy complications. Specialists will provide valuable recommendations and inform you of the correct daily routine for a future woman in labor, as well as important rules that will allow carrying a fetus to term without harm to health. A personal obstetrician-gynecologist will observe your pregnancy in the most comfortable conditions. He will answer all questions and is always ready to support you.

Creating an individual plan of activities for the pregnancy management program will help the expectant mother feel much more confident, because qualified doctors will take care of her health and that of her child. We have a wide range of medical services for pregnant women, and we will be able to create the best individual monitoring program in our clinic.

What problems can a pregnant woman face?

Large hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy can affect the well-being of the expectant mother. That is why it is important to listen to one’s body, relax more often, take vitamins and only give preference to healthy food. A pregnant woman may experience various problems, the most common being:

  1. Toxicosis. It occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy and is accompanied by nausea, vomiting, weakness. As a rule, toxicosis passes to the beginning of the second trimester. If the toxicosis is very strong, then it is better to consult a doctor in this case.
  2. Gestosis. A more severe course is characterized with it. A future mother may notice edema, an increase in blood pressure, and an excess of protein in the urine. Gestosis requires constant monitoring by a doctor. You shall self-medicate otherwise it will lead to a deterioration in the well-being of the mother and fetus.

There are cases when the placenta is incorrectly placed in pregnant women, which is considered pathology. This also contributes to the deterioration of the condition of the future mother in childbirth. Incorrect placement of the placenta can cause bleeding and the risk of miscarriage. Therefore, you must be under the supervision of a qualified doctor.

As for chronic diseases, they manifest themselves during pregnancy especially brightly. That is why during pregnancy a woman needs not only the help of her relatives, but also competent medical supervision at the obstetrician-gynecologist.

IVF pregnancy management: professional support for expectant mothers

IVF pregnancy management is carried out according to a special program for those women who have benefited from artificial insemination. This program minimizes the risk of complications and pathologies during pregnancy.

Pregnancy management after IVF contributes to the normal bearing of the baby. A woman who managed to conceive a child after IVF is given special attention. This is due to the fact that pregnancy after infertility treatment can occur with problems. Such a pregnancy is usually referred to a risk group. However, having entrusted us with the management of IVF pregnancy, you should not worry about anything. Our doctors have extensive experience in the practice of managing pregnancy after IVF. They will justify your trust and help to bear a child without any problems.

IVF pregnancy management in the LITA reproductive medicine clinic is performed by obstetrician-gynecologists of the highest category. High professionalism, responsibility, high moral principles are the main qualities of our specialists. The pleasant atmosphere and friendly surround in our clinic contribute to the favorable course of pregnancy. Having addressed us, you will be able to appreciate the quality of the services we provide.

Benefits of Pregnancy at the LITA Clinic

We guarantee every pregnant woman:

  • regular examinations and laboratory diagnostics;
  • individual approach, systematic monitoring of her and her fetus’ health throughout the gestation period;
  • examination using modern equipment;
  • ongoing professional support and informational advice.

In the complex, all these measures help maintain women’s health, improve the well-being of the expectant mother, and eliminate the risk of a miscarriage.

With us you can always get advice and timely medical care. We have beneficial offers that you can take advantage of. In our clinic, a woman can register for pregnancy very easily, and she will be closely monitored by the best specialists from the first minute until the baby is born.

Trust highly qualified specialists, because the successful passage of pregnancy and the health of the unborn baby depend on the quality of the medical care provided to you. Choose LITA clinic and you are guaranteed a safe and attentive pregnancy management in Kiev!

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