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Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment Prices

  • Urinary incontinence treatment (laser treatment)
    6 000 $
  • Correction of postpartum cicatricial deformity of the vulva (laser treatment)
    2 800 $
  • Application anesthesia (including the cost of the drug)
    200 $
  • Treatment of vaginal atrophy and malnutrition (laser treatment)
    6 000 $
  • Treatment of pelvic organ prolapse (laser treatment)
    6 000 $
  • Treatment of colloidal scars / grinding (laser treatment) 5-10 cm
    2 500 $
  • Treatment of postpartum skin stretching/sanding (laser treatment)
    3 000 $
  • Treatment of post-acne/facial resurfacing (laser treatment)
    2 000 $
  • Non-invasive vaginoplasty / genital correction (laser treatment)
    6 000 $
  • Complex vulvo-vaginal treatment (laser treatment)
    11 000 $
  • Removal of neoplasms / genital papillomas, condylomas (laser treatment for one neoplasm, without histology and anesthesia)
    90 $
  • Treatment of colloidal scars / grinding (laser treatment) 1 cm
    1 000 $
  • Treatment of colloidal scars / grinding (laser treatment) up to 5 cm
    2 000 $

Laser treatment has gained wide popularity in modern medicine.

It became possible to get rid of external skin defects and diseases of internal organs quickly and safely. Laser therapy, unlike surgery, does not have such side effects as bleeding, swelling, scarring, pain.

Laser treatment consists in evaporating an unaesthetic layer of the skin with a laser beam (light), and after a natural restoration, a new, healthy one grows. The regeneration process is very fast. The skin and mucosal tissues become hydrated, take on a toned and youthful appearance.

At the LITA clinic, we use a premium class laser DANA designed for fractional skin rejuvenation and tightening, removal of scars and cicatrixes, and work with age-related changes in the skin. This laser allows the doctor to work with high precision locally on the affected areas, 80-94% of the surrounding tissues remain intact. Another distinguishing feature of laser treatment is the absence of bleeding as the system causes rapid coagulation of the tissue.

We help to restore the condition of the tissues of the genital organs of women after childbirth, improve the appearance of the external genital organs of women of any age, rejuvenate the vagina, increase sensitivity in intimate relationships, get rid of hyperpigmentation, scars and other skin imperfections, and solve the issue of stress urinary incontinence in women.

If you are considering laser treatment, please discuss it with our experienced healthcare professional. We will find a solution for you!

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Features of laser treatment for intimate areas

Laser therapy or laser treatment is a physiotherapeutic procedure based on the correction of tissues using a light beam. It is mainly aimed at solving aesthetic defects, but is also used for a number of medical procedures. At the LITA clinic, you can carry out professional laser treatment in Kyiv to quickly and painlessly get rid of various diseases.

What is laser treatment?

The laser beam is used for the purpose of treatment in various fields of medicine, including gynecology. The light wave affects the tissues and allows you to remove a variety of defects that distort the aesthetics of the body and also cause discomfort. This happens as follows: the beam passes through biological tissues, is scattered, reflected, absorbed and transmitted, depending on the characteristics of a particular beam. Thus, it corrects the fabric in a certain place. The degree and effect of exposure is adjusted by the density and length of the beam, depending on the complexity of the disease.

Here is a list of what laser treatment gives:

  • alignment of postpartum scars;
  • regulation of urinary incontinence;
  • correction of vaginal atrophy and hypertrophy;
  • grinding of colloidal scars;
  • removal of post-acne;
  • removal of neoplasms, polyps, etc.

In the list of services of our clinic, you can see all the possible options where laser treatment is used in the field of gynecology.

Indications and contraindications for laser treatment

The use of laser techniques in the correction of the intimate zone is not just a desire to eliminate ugly defects, to improve the appearance cosmetically. This is a full-fledged laser treatment of diseases that cause physiological and psychological discomfort. Due to light exposure, tissues are cleansed of scars, old cells, rejuvenate the skin and remove defects.

Indications for the use of laser procedures may include the following signs:

  1. The development of stress urinary incontinence at the initial stage. It mostly happens when coughing, sneezing or exercising.
  2. Atrophic changes in the vulva and loss of elasticity of the walls of the vagina, omission of the walls. This also indicates the need to undergo laser treatment in Kyiv by experienced specialists.
  3. Dryness of the vaginal mucosa. The procedure will help rejuvenate and moisturize the tissues of the mucosa.
  4. Hyperpigmentation. This method also corrects age spots on the skin of intimate areas.
  5. The need for tissue repair after childbirth.
  6. Decreased sensitivity during sexual activity.

In all these cases, you can make an appointment for laser treatment and receive appropriate medical care. Previously, to eliminate these disorders, it was required to carry out surgical intervention, now technologies allow us to correct the situation in a non-invasive way. It is convenient, painless and efficient.

If you have hematopoietic disorders, low blood clotting, vascular diseases, decompensated heart disease, cerebral sclerosis, liver and kidney failure or oncology, then the procedure is completely contraindicated for you in such cases.

What is the price for laser treatment?

At the LITA clinic, you can undergo the procedure with professional execution and consultations. Depending on your situation, you end up with:

  • blood circulation and other metabolic functions will improve;
  • narrowing and tightening of the vagina;
  • the process of natural hydration of the mucous membrane will improve;
  • discomfort will disappear and the sensitivity of erogenous zones and libido will increase during sexual intercourse;
  • scars will be smoothed out;
  • intimate zone will be whitened from pigmentation.

The result of the procedures is noticeable after the first appointment, despite the degree of complexity of the medical situation. Our price for laser treatment is specified in the price list, and depends on the chosen service. If you do not know what the specifics of your disease are and what category it belongs to, then in our clinic you can undergo a diagnosis and consultation with a physician.

Professional laser treatment in Kyiv from the LITA clinic

We can get laser treatment in Ukraine in compliance with all technology and safety standards. The procedure takes place in a comfortable position for the patient. The technique can be carried out in two ways:

  • distally with a gap between the skin and the apparatus;
  • contact with or without light guide compression.

The method is selected depending on the characteristics of the disease. In this case, the procedure is non-invasive, and only the diseased organ gets under the projection of the beam. We also adhere to hygiene rules to ensure the safety of our patients.

You should also undergo the procedure with us because in our clinic:

  1. They use modern premium DANA equipment. This is a high-precision laser, the treatment of which is performed with high-quality correction and painlessly. During the session, only a slight warmth or slight pressure is felt with the contact method.
  2. They provide detailed consultations of an experienced gynecologist who will help to establish the disease and prescribe the required number of sessions. It will also tell you whether it is possible with your medical situation to undergo a laser exposure procedure or it is better to abstain.
  3. Conduct sessions in an atmosphere comfortable for the patient. The rooms are equipped with comfortable furniture, they are clean and hygienic, and we’ll take care of your physical health and also your psychological state, so that you feel relaxed during the procedure.
  4. Provide services at an affordable cost. We can get laser treatment in Kyiv inexpensively, and with the supervision of a competent gynecologist.

If you need laser treatment in Kyiv, then make an appointment and examination at the LITA clinic. We will check the state of your health, advise on the methods of therapy. We will also select a form of treatment for you in order to quickly and efficiently get rid of defects and discomfort in the intimate area.

Sign up for a consultation and get tissue rejuvenation and improvement of metabolic processes with a modern laser method.

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