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Why IVF does not give 100% result?

15 February 2022

When pregnancy does not occur naturally and the treatment does not give a positive result, the fertility doctor may suggest IVF (in vitro fertilization). This procedure has long been proven to be effective and safe. In vitro fertilization takes place outside the woman’s body and under the full control of doctors. A viable embryo, conceived in the laboratory, is transferred to the uterine cavity.

IVF: reasons for failure

There are 2 important factors that largely affect the result of the in vitro fertilization procedure:

  • “quality” of the embryo transferred into the uterine cavity (by 80%);
  • condition of the endometrium (by 20%). 

It is the second factor that is considered less vulnerable and unpredictable.

Of course, the woman’s age plays an important role in the outcome of IVF. The emotional factor can also affect the outcome of the IVF procedure and the bearing of a child.

Is it possible to influence the outcome of IVF?

It is this question that worries all couples who decide to take part in the IVF program. In fact, no doctor will give you a 100% guarantee that pregnancy as a result of artificial insemination will occur on the first attempt, and this is also considered the norm. Often, spouses have to go through more than one cycle of in vitro fertilization to have a child.

With IVF, there are factors that do not depend on the doctor and the mother. However, the expectant mother should not lose hope, but strictly adhere to the doctor’s recommendations, monitor her lifestyle and emotional state. Stress before and during the procedure can also negatively affect the IVF result.

How to increase the chances of success?

In order for the IVF result to increase the chances of success, it is necessary:

  • carefully choose a clinic – it is important that competent doctors work in it, there is innovative equipment;
  • give up bad habits – alcohol and smoking are harmful to reproductive health;
  • do not take medication without a doctor’s prescription – self-medication can be very harmful.

The choice of an experienced doctor, healthy nutrition, good sleep, moderate physical activity, faith in a happy outcome, all these will increase the chances of success.