“Deferred Embryo Transfer” Program

This program avoids the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation. To do this, hormonal stimulation of the ovaries is carried out according to the protocol with GnRH antagonists, and a GnRH agonist is selected as the trigger for ovulation. After that, the resulting embryos are not transferred in the same cycle, but are frozen. This approach is called Freeze all. Then the body is given 1 month to recover, and in the next cycle it is planned to transfer frozen embryos. This scheme is called “delayed embryo transfer”.

Two important positive aspects of the program: the chances of developing ovarian hyperstimulation are minimal, and the probability of getting pregnant is high, since the transfer of frozen embryos is 10-15% more effective than the transfer of embryos in a stimulated cycle. This program is designed to get a pregnancy with minimal health risks for women.

  The program includes the following services:

  • Ultrasonic and hormonal monitoring – 2
  • Ovarian centesis with anesthesia – 1
  • ICSI fertilization – 1
  • Cultivation of embryos to the blastocyst stage – 1 
  • Freezing embryos – 1
  • Defrosting and culturing embryos – 1 
  • Auxiliary hatching – 1 
  • Embryo transfer – 1 
  • Diagnosis of pregnancy – 1

* The cost of medicines needed to stimulate the ovaries and prepare the endometrium for embryo transfer is not included in the program.

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29 October 2019